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Case Management by a Nurse!

nurse case management bruce greyHow do I find private in-home care that meets my specific needs and offers value for my budget?

At Retire-At-Home in Bruce County and Grey County, we put a great deal of effort and dedication into helping you to feel better connected to your own local health care community and all the work we do is underpinned by a deep level of care and respect for your wellbeing. Our job is to work alongside you through the process of navigating and learning to manage the challenges and obstacles that come along with your personal needs and circumstances, whether you are an Alzheimer’s patient, a senior living alone, or someone who is in need of a unique and specific custom care plan.

Our methods, as informed health care providers, are founded on a comprehensive base of knowledge concerning how important it is to reach out to the community for help.

We are committed to offering the most well-rounded and inclusive health care possible, and are dedicated to helping you to access and secure all the benefits available to you through your insurance or other subsidies that may be accessible to you through other organizations.

Case Management Services are included at no additional cost in the regular services that you choose through Retire-At-Home in Bruce County and Grey County.

Our experienced and thoughtfully-chosen team of Case Managers will engage with you on a routine and regular basis as part of the services you will receive through your personalized care plan. Their understanding and proficiency cements them as an incredibly valuable resource for you and your family to consult with.

Retire-At-Home in Bruce County and Grey County is equipped and prepared to offer support as you face the challenges that come along with the changing circumstances in your life that seem to come on quickly and unexpectedly, and we will provide support through the process of learning to adapt accordingly. You can rest assured that the proficiency of our caregivers means they will be able to anticipate and alter plans to best fit your needs as they change, especially when managing Alzheimer’s patients or situations of critical care. 

A unique Care Management plan just for you!

Your Case Managers will work to build a comprehensive and balanced understanding of who you are during the initial assessment that you will receive. This assessment is an imperative aspect of our service and is therefore entirely complimentary, but is a deeply important step in engaging with you and your family to address your physical, mental health and emotional needs in the most effective way possible. The transitional period during which you move into your custom care plan will take place in a way that is both comfortable and respectful your privacy and dignity.

What can I expect from my Care Management plan?
  • Regularly scheduled visits: To check in and offer you the chance to meet with us one-on-one, and discuss any thoughts regarding concerns or areas of satisfaction with your service, as well as to conduct safety checks. We care about your privacy, and we will never show up unannounced or without notice. These visits create the opportunity to pinpoint your needs as they change, and to make sure we keep on top of them at all times
  • Ongoing Communication: Consistent communication with your family, based on your personal preferences, to ensure everyone remains informed and is offered peace-of-mind.
  • Free, no obligation, initial in-home assessment: To provide the opportunity for your Case Manager to better understand and identify the particulars of your home environment and your unique set of needs, all within the context of your own comfortable space.
  • Delivery of medical supplies and equipment based on your needs.
  • Coordination of other services: For your home or healthcare needs, such as property maintenance, transportation, or in-home monitoring.
  • Coordinated communication: To help simplify the management of services received from your other health care providers (upon request).
  • Advocacy services: To help you access available health care services.

24-hour on-call support for emergency care or questions that may arise such as medication dosages or new symptoms that may cause you concern.

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